Third anniversary celebration event “Rinkan Chanoyu”.

The patriarch of the Horiuchi family, who had a tea ceremony room in his own residence and left behind numerous tea ceremony utensils, and Shiro Miura, a student of the Enshu school of tea ceremony and a sukiya-style architect who designed Azumi Setoda, a remodel of the former Horiuchi residence, have “tea” in common.

In honor of this connection, Azumi Setoda celebrated its third anniversary by holding the “Rinkan Chanoyu” project.
“Rinkan Chanoyu” is a tea culture in which guests are invited to enjoy a meal and a cup of tea after sweating off the steam bath. This accommodation plan recreates the activities of the tea masters in the Muromachi period (1333-1573).

The “Rinkan Chanoyu Stay Plan” is a two-day and one-night package that includes the elements of “talk event,” “steam sauna,” “Chakaiseki lunch,” and “tea ceremony” that make up the “Rinkan Chanoyu” experience, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the world of the tea ceremony.

<talk event>
Discussions to deepen understanding of tea culture while experiencing the tea ceremony and yudo the way of bathing.

<steam sauna>
Experience “Yudo” with Mr. Miura as your guide in yubune’s public baths and saunas.
After the bath, a homemade enzyme drink will be served to rehydrate your body.

<Chakaiseki lunch>
A lunch of chakaiseki cuisine will be served to those who have been well-conditioned by the hot baths.

<tea ceremony>
Tea ceremony by Mr. Sosho Kobori, Enshu Tea Ceremony, held in a special room called “Azumaya”.

After the tea master served tea, participants were invited to make their own thin tea.

It is said that there was a deep relationship between Setoda, which prospered as a port for waiting for the tide on the westbound route of the Kitamae Ship, and the gorgeous merchant culture of Onomichi and the tea ceremony.
We hope visitors were able to feel the breath of the tea masters in Azumi Setoda, which is fragrant with the atmosphere of bygone days.
Azumi Setoda will continue to focus on people, artifact, and events that are unique to the region.
Please look forward to seeing you in the future.