Setoda was a center for the maritime industry during the middle ages. It was a stop for spices and ceramics that originated on the Silk Road and were destined for Kyoto and Osaka. Wealthy merchants and key figures of Setouchi welcomed visitors with home-cooked feasts. They prepared hearty yet delicate Japanese dishes and served them on plates that they collected from other countries.

Azumi Setoda’s dining service features vegetables from Setoda and other areas in the Setouchi region, and dishes using French methods, served with plates inherited from the Horiuchi family head of the family.We source as much of the ingredients used for dinner as possible from within a 50 km radius. This is Chef Akita’s commitment to experiencing the ‘flavor’ of the ingredients from the Setouchi area. He visits the farms himself and talks with each producer to deepen his understanding of the producer and the ingredients. He then creates dishes that are cooked and seasoned to bring out the best in the ingredients.

Antique dinnerware inherited from the former Horiuchi estate makes for an atmosphere that draws directly from the legacy of entertaining guests to the island that dates back to long before Azumi. We hope this honest, warm hospitality can be felt through every aspect of the dining experience.

Horiuchi family ‘s Breakfast

7:00 am – 10:00 pm

About 140 years ago, boats are crisscrossing the Seto Inland Sea and the port is bustling with peddling by fishers and farmers. We wondered what kind of breakfast the Horiuchi family had at that time!


5:00 pm – 10:00 pm (Last order 9:00 pm)

At Azumi Setoda’s dining service, we serve dishes using French techniques, using vegetables from the Setouchi area centered on Setoda, along with tableware inherited from the head of the Horiuchi family.Surrounded by shaded sun-loungers and daybeds on all four sides the rectangular infinity pool provides all day poolside relaxation.

Private Tea Party at Azumaya

Limited to one group per day where you can enjoy tea sweets after breakfast at private room “Azmaya” surrounded by a garden.

Azumi Setoda

269 Azumi, Setoda, Setodacho, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima, Japan
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