At our hotel, we have prepared a special time for our guests to soothe away the fatigue of their trip.
*Depending on the date, the available therapist will be different. Please feel free to contact us.

Salon ManaMana –Skeletal beauty therapy-
A treatment that works on pathways, internal organs, muscles, and cells by adjusting the skeleton.
We do not use pressure or strong loosening, and aim to recover the mind and body through treatments that match the body and breathing.
This is a yubune original course that focuses on skeletal and sacral adjustment, and can be combined with oil treatments according to your physical condition.
Experience the magical transformation of your body.
Experience the change in your body as if by magic.
*All tax included.

Head + Facial


60min ¥15,000

60min ¥15,000

Body + Head

90min ¥22,000

Body + Head + Facial

120min ¥30,000

Chiropractic clinic -Tsumugi-
A chiropractics menu that relaxes the whole body.
Relax your unconsciously stiffened body and relax your mind.
Adjusting posture balance according to the condition of the person is approached with breathing method and stretching.
*All tax included.


60min ¥13,000
90min ¥15,000

Cancellation policy

50% from 2 days prior – until 3pm of the day before
100% for arranged day cancellation

Person who refrain from treatment

Person who refrain from treatment Person who have a temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher at the time of treatment
Person who are drinking
Person who are pregnant and before the stable period (even if you are after the stable period, please be sure to inform us in advance)