Azumi Setoda



setoda’s community bathhouse and inn.
just across the street from azumi setoda.
where good waters are bubbling.


01.the bathhousefor day use: bathing-only

business hours 10am – 8pm
usage fee free for guests
adult: 900 yen / child: 450 yen
(ages 3 to elementary school students)
*tax and service included
*rates may vary during golden week,
the month of august, and over the new year’s holidays.
  • indoor bath
  • iseasonal bath
  • isauna
  • icold bath
  • body soap
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • facial toner
  • moisturizer
  • cleansing wash
  • rental towel set: 300 yen

02.the innaccommodation information

inns used to be synonymous with gathering for both locals and travelers.
located in the shiomachi shotengai, local markets street,
yubune is a bathhouse and inn that speaks to this social custom.
the room’s natural materials of cedar wood and tatami make yubune’s
accommodation ideal for rejuvenation during a busy journey. yubune’s
facilities are ideal for bathhouse fans, cyclists, nomad workers, families,
and group travelers alike.

facility information

yuagari lounge for yubune guests only.
after bathing, guests can enjoy a variety of
drinks and snacks sourced directly from the
shotengai. it’s also a great place for productivity
during the day.

number of guest rooms: 14

koma rooms simple rooms with a generous bed and highly
functional desk that makes for a comfortable
workation. a single room can serve up to two
doma rooms street level rooms that enable easy access for
guests with bicycles or fishing gear.
outfitted with twin beds and a kotatsu style
tatami living area, the doma rooms are ideal
for rejuvenation for active travelers.
accommodates up to 4 guests with additional
futons provided upon request.
ima rooms second floor rooms featuring beds that are
separate from a kotatsu style living area.
accommodates up to 4 guests with additional
futons provided upon request. ideal for families
and group travelers.



setoda serves as a key point along the shimanami kaido, a world-famous
cycling route. yubune can be accessed a number of ways. private transfers
can also be arranged. please consult the yubune staff for more info.

email: yubune@azumi.co
tel: +81(0)845-23-7911
address: yubune 269 setodacho setoda,
onomichi, hiroshima 722-2411

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