Azumi Setoda

In Response to
COVID-19 Infection

The following are thoroughly implemented as measures to prevent the spread
of COVID-19 infection in the entire Azumi Setoda and yubune building.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

1. Hygiene management

In addition to regular cleaning, we perform sterilization cleaning every day to prevent contact infection in the building.
Install alcohol disinfectant and paper towels at the entrance and restroom. In addition, we will operate with windows that can be opened and closed for indoor ventilation.

2. Implementation of a preliminary questionnaire on health

We will conduct a questionnaire on body temperature measurement and health for hotel guests. If the guests have a high fever or who are not feeling well, we may ask them to refrain from staying according to the instructions of the health center.

3. Securing Social Distance

We will operate while ensuring the social distance between customers, staff, and staff as much as possible.
At restaurants, table and seating layout has been arranged to provide sufficient distance. Kindly settle your bill at your table and use of a cash tray during payment.