Azumi Setoda


Setoda Cultural Waking Tour

A walking tour that touches on the culture of Setouchi through Setoda while touching on the historical background of Setoda, the Irihama-style salt industry unique to Setouchi, and the process of town formation as a port of call for ships.
An exploration activity by Azumi staff recommended for those who want to learn more about Setoda.

Time of year All year
Starting time 9am to 6pm (please consult with us regarding starting times).
Duration: around 45 mins.
Price 1,000yen / person
Booking time limit 2 days prior until 5:00 pm to the arranged day
Cancellation Policy 2-1day prior until 5:00 pm to the arranged day
50% of the arrangement
1 day prior after 5:00 pm 100% of the arrangement
Inquiry setoda@azumi.co

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