Azumi Setoda


Private Yoga Lesson

Private Simple Yoga Lesson is held in the early morning at Azumaya, the pavilion built with the warmth of wood. During the Ashtanga Yoga practice, we practice breathing techniques, gazes, and asanas (postures) in a set stories. For beginners, the instructor will also give advice for daily diet and self-practice.
Why don’t you turn your consciousness inside your body and start a brilliant day?
* Please contact our Guest Assistant if a guest under 18 years old would like to join the lesson.

Season All year Saturday, Sunday, Weekends, and public holidays
Capacity 1-3 Persons
Time Arrangement Starting at 8:00 am (1 hour in total )
Price 4,400 yen / per person
Booking Limit 1 week prior to the arranged day
Cancellation Policy 2-1day prior until 5:00 pm to the arranged day
50% of the arrangement
1 day prior after 5:00 pm 100% of the arrangement
Inquiry setoda@azumi.co

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