Azumi Setoda


Guided cycling tour Onomichi – Ikuchijima Pottering Course

The Shimanami Kaido is also known as “mecca for cyclists” and attracts fans from all over the world.
The route is approximately 60 km long, but this activity takes riders on a leisurely tour between Onomichi and Setoda (Ikuchijima), exactly halfway along the route, with the help of a guide.
This is a safe and satisfying cycling tour for beginners, starting from Onomichi Station, stopping at recommended spots on Mukaishima and Innoshima before reaching the destination Azumi Setoda.
The tour will take riders to cafés and photo spots where they can enjoy the beauty of the many islands, not to mention the unique experience of crossing the bridges by bicycle.
The view from Innoshima Bridge is particularly spectacular(Bicycles are returned at the intended destination, so there is no need to worry about the return journey).

Season All year
Capacity 1- 4 persons (Please contact us for more than 4 persons)

Time required Around 3.5 hours
Price 1 people Road bikes 29,000yen  Electric bikes 33,000yen
2 people Road bikes 18,000yen  Electric bikes 22,000yen / 1person
3 people Road bikes 14,000yen  Electric bikes 18,000yen / 1person
4 people Road bikes 12,000yen  Electric bikes 16,000yen / 1person

*Please let us know your bicycle type at the time of reservation.
*Please let us know your height at the time of reservation.
(The road bicycles provided are for customers over 110cm tall.
The electric bicycles provided are for customers over 140 cm tall.)
*Please let us know your preferred start time when you make your reservation.
Included Insurance on vehicles,Bicycle saddle pad,Bicycle helmets,Ferry landing fee,Guide fee
Booking Limit 2 days prior until 5:00 pm to the arranged day
Cancellation Policy 2-1day prior until 5:00 pm to the arranged day
50% of the arrangement
1 day prior after 5:00 pm 100% of the arrangement
Inquiry setoda@azumi.co

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