Wagashi Making Experience

The confectionery is called “jonamagashi,” which skillfully expresses the beauty of the four seasons, flowers, birds, winds, and the moon using confectionery techniques.
In this experience, we will invite a craftsman from “Toraya Honpo,” a confectioner that has been in business for 400 years and is an official confectioner of the Fukuyama Domain, to create special jonamagashi, You will experience making jonamagashi according to the 24 seasonal divisions in a special private room called “Azumaya”.
Please enjoy the experience with a cup of powdered green tea presented by the craftsman.


All year


1 persons ~

Starting time

10:00 – 11:30am ( 90min in total )


1 person 28,000 yen
2 person 16,000 yen / person
3 person 12,000 yen / person
4 person 10,000 yen / person
5 person 8,800 yen / person
*Please contact us for more than 6 people.

Price includes 

Reservation deadline

2 pieces of sweets (to be made by the guest during the experience), matcha green tea, confectionery for tea ceremony

5 days prior 

Cancellation Policy

Within 5 days to the day before : 3,000 yen per participant
The arranged day : 100%