Souvenir Information

Souvenir Information

Fuji-Hompo (Souvenir store)

Located in the middle of the shopping street, this long-established souvenir store provides many local specialties such as lemons and octopus. 

Many citrus fruits are available in winter. 

Business Hours: 9:30-16:00
Closed: No fixed holidays
TEL: 0845-27-0808

Kouei-Dou (Confectionery)

Located close to Azumi Setoda/yubune. 

Various sweets, such as lemon cake, line up in the showcase. 

Their specialty “Rolled sponge cake” is very popular.

Business Hours: 7:00-18:00
Closed:  Thursday 
TEL: 0845-27-0134

Shimagokoro (Confectionery& Souvenir store)

Located near the Hirayama Ikuo Museum of Art. 

The store provides variety of souvenirs, including their best-selling lemon cake, citrus jams and jellies. 

They are often featured in the media.

Business Hours: 10:00-17:00
Closed:  Open all year round(Except January 1st)
TEL: 0845-27-0353

Kamei-Dou (Souvenir store)

Located in the middle of the shopping street, the store sells Setoda-grown lemons and citrus fruits. They also provide processed lemon products.

Business Hours: 8:30-18:00
Closed: No fixed holidays
TEL: 0845-27-0124

Baigetsu-Dou (Confectionery)

Located in front of the Kousanji Temple. 

Their “Sour lemon cake” is very popular and has been featured in the media. 

Other than the lemon cake, lemon buns and lemon-used sweets are available.

Business Hours:  8:30-18:00
Closed:  Thursday (Except National holidays)
TEL: 0845-27-0132