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Azumi Setoda invites Kazuomi Eshima and Masahiko Takeda (Laatry) to present a sound installation titled “Cyclical Medium – Remembering the Horiuchi Family” that touches on the history of Ikuchishima and the Horiuchi family.

By foot we can walk roughly 4 kilometers per hour. It may be a challenge, but if one walks half the day they can cover 50 kilometers.

The Seto Inland Sea is an oceanic main artery for transportation, trade, and exchange of culture in Japan, and even the continent of Asia.

The captain of the fishing boat climbs down a thin metal ladder that leans against the cement wall that drops down from the pavement from the sea.

Centuries ago, the Setoda port established itself as a site of trade: exports included locally produced goods such as salt, and rare ingredients would arrive from both across Japan and from neighbouring countries.

Azumi Setoda embodies both the tastes of its former aruji when it was Horiuchi-tei, as well as the new facilities envisioned by Yoshi, the new aruji.

Whirlpools form like fiddlehead ferns in the gentle waters by Setoda port. Emerging around coves and channels, they are induced by tidal currents, and signal the hidden drama beneath the surface.